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Hiring and Retaining a Marketing Dream Team

Presented by Brandon Kinsey, Co-Founder, Kinsey Management LLC

Let’s face it…hiring the right person for a job is hard and retaining those hires is even harder. In the ultra-competitive world of marketing, it’s “what have you done for me lately”. In this session, we will dive into how leveraging human metrics can help better understand marketing roles and the behaviors needed for success in those roles. In addition, we will explore how finding people who meet those requirements go beyond the resume and experience. Once on board, how do you engage and retain teams that are hard to manage and looking for mobility? This message will cover key strategies on how to manage to individual strengths, build better teams, and keep communication open, honest, and productive.

Key Points:

  • Identifying Key Marketing Job Targets and Behavioral Requirements
  • Determine how to find the “right person for the right seat”
  • Explain how to manage the role and lead the person
  • Determine how to engage on an individual level to retain top performers
  • Explore how job road mapping provides a competitive advantage
  • Educate on how to build teams that work efficiently, communicate effectively, take decisive action, and make quick & informed decisions

Speaker Bio

Brandon Kinsey is Co-Founder of Kinsey Management, a talent optimization firm specializing in creating people strategies to maximize your business results.  They help clients shift into higher gear with talent optimization software, workshops and consulting.  Kinsey Management is Houston’s only Certified Partner of The Predictive Index and established Master Training Center.  With a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University, Brandon has over 20 years of experience coaching individuals and teams, developing strategies and driving bottom-line results.  He works with mid to senior-level executives from all industries in applying psychometrics to hire for fit, reduce turnover, improve employee engagement, inspire leaders, build high achieving teams, and boost sales.

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