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Coffee & Careers: Ignite the Power of You through Personal Branding

Why depend on a templated LinkedIn profile that 700 million other people have to share who you are and what you can offer? You will be able to command a higher-paying job and position if you curate your online search results and speak to your core values, purpose, and expertise. People Google people; how are you showing up online?

This week, Cindi interviews Victoria Marasco, founder, and lead brand strategist of TruBrand Marketing, to discuss how to strategically build a meaningful, successful career — igniting the power of you to command a higher position and salary. Join us for an illuminating discussion to uncover the power that personal branding has on your success.


  • How to Strategically Build and Excel your Career Success
  • The Power of Search – Who Googles You and How to Curate What You Want People to Know About You
  • Personal Brand Trends and How to Set Yourself Apart and Above Your Competition
  • Purpose-led Companies Want Purpose-led Employees
  • Brand Culture — What Employers are Looking for in Their Team
  • First Steps in Elevating Your Online Profile

About Victoria:

Victoria Marasco is the Founder of TruBrand Marketing, an agency known for building, renovating, or refreshing brands. Established companies, people wanting to enhance their online profile by developing their personal brand, and start-up companies come to Victoria to create or elevate their brand, innovate their customer journey, and invigorate their marketing/growth strategies.

Passionate about being a valuable force that creates a positive impact, she is dedicated to her clients, making their goals her goals. With the high bar set of transforming brands into high-performing assets, she embraces her purpose of illuminating brands, inspiring the extraordinary, and creating certainty for success.

For her, people-first is more than just a core value. Victoria clearly understands what her clients need each step of the way. Long-term clients fill her roster, with the longest client relationship being 22 years and still going strong. What sets her apart from most marketing executives is the level of creative insights and personal attention she gives to each client account.

If you are seeking to build your brand and design a brand-led growth plan for your business, Victoria is the seasoned marketing professional you’ll want on your team.

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