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2018 August Luncheon

Presented by Joe Youngblood, Founder, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Get a snapshot of what the world will look like five years into the future. Digital marketing and SEO is changing rapidly. In this talk I'll examine the technologies that will be commonplace for consumers in what I call the Age of Automation. We will look at how those changes might impact various types of marketing and what you'll need to do to get ready for these new technologies and consumer behavior changes that come with them. We are happy to co-host this event with our friends at HIMA.

Speaker Bio

Joe Youngblood has a burning desire to change the world through marketing. 

He started his journey into marketing unwittingly in 1994 at the age of 14 when he built his first website and began trading banners and links with other webmasters. Over the next few years he started an affiliate 'mall' for shopping and created one of the first aggregator type 'start pages' on the internet called "Jump Start", which never took off, however years later sites like PageFlakes would gather huge user bases making the start page aggregator a booming trend. After struggling to discover what he wanted to do right after high school he bounced around and eventually ended up at an out-bound marketing research call center. He re-enrolled in college and received my degree in Marketing in 2010. Since then he moved into the SEO / Internet Marketing consulting field, was accepted to join the DFWSEM Board of Directors, and joined the illustrious ranks of marketing speakers at the apex of marketing conventions.
Joe is now the founder of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, a Marketing Creativity Laboratory. Using the latest understandings of Neuroscience, Psychology, and consumer behavior trends; they create concepts for killer social media and content marketing campaigns, construct new augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, and heighten the experience of shoppers in physical stores by leveraging and blending a variety of real world and digital technologies.

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