ANA Houston

2018 April Luncheon

Branding: When It's Time For a Change

Presented by Toni Lee Rudnicki, , CMO, Speedcast

So you've had some success as an organization. How do you determine when it's time to redefine yourself? 

No matter the size or longevity, healthy and growing organizations hit inflection points—times where it's appropriate to step back, assess the brand and messaging and make some significant changes. Rebranding, or even a subtle refresh, needs to be strategically timed and well-executed to accomplish the business objective of escalating the business to the next level. 

Speaker Bio

Toni Lee Rudnicki has spent the better part of her career helping fast-growing tech companies break through from about $75M in revenue to $200M and beyond. She's developed experience and philosophies around determining the right time and the right way to rebrand in a way that best positions the organization for its next stage of growth. 

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