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April 2017 Luncheon

Blood, sweat and tears! Mining for truth and building connections.

Presented by David Reid, Chief Marketing Officer at National Oilwell Varco

Stories from a career of driving change will be shared in a presentation designed to help marketers evolve beyond their current tool set towards more impactful and strategic outcomes. 

Blood - Our brains have two parts to them and in marketing often the desire is to mine data from both sides and give people information on what they need or desire. People are more than a brain and insight comes from experience. In reality our greatest work offers a deeper connection and truth about common humanity. Opening up truth and revitalizing ideas and emotion is not something we will find in analysis, although analysis is a great tool in searching truth. 

Sweat - The work is often confused as expensive and extensive. An art of asking questions. The real game is one of instinct and reading people, looking for signals. This means getting yourself in front of the influencers and the influenced to imagine the path ahead. It can be small and precise but very effective. 

It is a powerful work that when done right will be rewarded in kind. Action. But it is not a formula, but a difficult journey across unknown terrain.

Tears - The gifted marketer is a practitioner of self growth and redemption, a curious searcher who lives to create connections for themselves and others. Willing to die to their own vision and immerse themselves in service to another. To find great new direction for business both compassion, and desire to see redemption come from the creative process will make great work come in to being. Building the deep broken connections in life between two disconnected entities and creating great connections between the two is the inner drive that can change behavior and will grow people and business. 

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Speaker Bio

David Reid’s Bio

Mr. Reid is the Chief Marketing Officer for NOV. He is charged with developing the market and strategic engine of NOV across regional operations and business segments in order to offer their customers a most valued position in their relative markets. David joined Varco International in 1992, and has lived in Scotland, California and Houston while working world-wide in a number of roles covering business development, product development, leadership, and management. David Reid serves on the NOV and Schlumberger IntelliServ Joint Venture Board, as well as the IADC Executive Board as the Vice President for Services, and is a founding member of the SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section. He holds a Construction Business and Design degree from the University of Northumbria and an Architects Technician qualification from Aberdeen College.

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